The Jennifer Schwartz Gallery is a mission-driven fine art photography gallery with two primary goals—to support photographers and to create collectors. The gallery’s innovative programming and powerful exhibitions work to both promote and develop the careers of talented, emerging, contemporary photographers, and to educate and cultivate a new market of art buyers. Last year we launched the Crusade for Collecting to inspire a new generation of art lovers, patrons and collectors by encouraging people to engage with art in exciting and unique ways. The Crusade was born out of my passion for supporting art and artists, and it is an on-going, not-for-profit project that includes a website, a cross-country tour, a podcast series, advisory services and a general kick-ass and take names vibe – all designed to be a resource for artists, curators, collectors and people who care about the beautiful things in their world.

The gallery is like a dynamic test lab for the ideas and ideals of the Crusade. The Crusade thinks it, the gallery tries it and proves its viability, and then the Crusade can confidently recommend it far and wide. This has been the case with ArtFeast and Walk Away With Art, and now we are creating a new gallery model.

We are passionate and committed to the mission of the Crusade and feel strongly that the key to reaching a new audience is to create cutting-edge and engaging experiences around art. The projects we create, the programming we execute and the way we work with our artists are all driven by this goal. As our gallery has matured, we’ve been able to see where we’ve been most effective, and that is helping us to innovate further and push the dialog forward. As a result, we have decided to transition the gallery from a traditional, brick and mortar space into a more dynamic and fluid entity.

The inventive, experiential programs we have created at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery have been very successful and rewarding. We are attracting new buyers and new regular attendees to our eclectic events as well as building a wonderfully strong community of patrons. However, between our events, the space is static. Traditional openings can become formulaic and predictable, without a sense of urgency to be there or to buy work. The rigorous pace of the standard six-week show cycle can leave little time to nurture the careers of our non-exhibiting artists and develop relationships with would-be collectors, which is an important aspect of our mission.

From day one, we have been committed to innovating and creating a space for new ideas to flourish. We believe the traditional gallery model is no longer the most effective way to promote emerging photographers and attract and engage new audiences.

Going forward, the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery will transform into an experiential, immersive gallery, with a streamlined physical space for displaying work and for meeting with collectors and photographers. We believe the gallery needs to extend well beyond a specific set of walls in order to have the most impact toward our goals. Each exhibition will be distinctive, one-night-only experiences, held in a space that uniquely suits the work being shown.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery exhibitions will no longer be exclusive to Atlanta. We are expanding our mission and focus on a national level by producing exhibitions in the cities where our photographers are based. This will help establish them in their own communities and expand the gallery’s reputation, reach and collector base. It’s a bold move and one that we feel confident will take our mission to an exciting new level.

Crusade away!

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